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Control Techniques - Leroy-Somer
Regelaars, motoren/reductoren en generatoren




Veldbus optiemodule, kenmerken:

  • SERCOS Class B compliant - The torque, velocity and position control modes supported
  • Supported data rates (bits/sec): 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb and 16Mb
  • Minimum 250μs network cycle time
  • 2 digital high-speed probe inputs for position capture
  • Telegram Type 7 Support - User definable application telegrams are supported in addition to the standard telegrams
  • Additional IDNs supported - The probing and drive controlled homing functions are included
  • Direct access to the drive parameters using the additional manufacturer-specific IDNs
  • Drive digital control loops (current, velocity, and position) are synchronized to the SERCOS master
  • Synchronous access to SM-Applications allowing specialist solutions to be implemented in SM-Applications
  • Second encoder support for one and a half axis machines (not for use with the SM-SERCOS position loop)
  • Supports the Unidrive SP and Digitax ST in Servo, Closed Loop and Open Loop modes
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Digitax ST
Unidrive SP
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