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Control Techniques - Leroy-Somer
Regelaars, motoren/reductoren en generatoren


M'Ax servoregelaar - Control Techniques


Opvolger van de M'Ax is, afhankelijk van de gewenste functionaliteit, de Digitax HD M750Digitax HD M751Digitax HD M753 of Digitax HD M754.

Compacte servoregelaar van Control Techniques voor het aansturen van servomotoren die voorzien zijn van een encoder op basis van SLM technologie.

Digital I/O

  • Opto-isolated
  • Eight digital inputs
  • Four digital outputs
  • 24V user supply


  • 7 segment removable display
  • Memory Pad stores identical set of parameters for easy upload
  • 16 bit high precision ±10V differential

 Easy Start

  • Automatic motor mapping
  • Gains calculator
  • MaxSoft with Wizard

 Electronic Thermistor

  • Intelligent thermal modelling
  • Accurate monitoring and protection
  • Serial data link employed – NO need for thermistor in motor and NO extra cabling requirements

 Back-up Power Supply

  • 24Vdc for encoder
  • 28/32Vdc for drive logic suitable for standby, evacuation system - reduced dc bus running


  • Frequency & direction or quadrature inputs
  • 16 bit High precision ±10V differential (if keypad fitted)
  • SLM and user back up supply
  • 24V user supply

 Simulated Encoder

  • lEcoder quadrature A, B plus Zmarker-pulse outputs (4096, 2048, 1024ppr)
  • Two analogue outputs
  • Standard-precision analogue differential reference input (12 bit)

 Communications Port

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • ANSI 3.28/Modbus RTU

Practical Grounding Bar and Cable Support

  • Pluggable terminals for mains supply, motor power and external braking resistor
  • Earthing clamps for motor cable screen

 DC Bus

  • Can be supplied from a common DC power supply in parallel with other models
  • Reduced DC bus running with drive backup supply

 Advanced Feedback

  • SinCos encoder as standard
  • Reduced cabling 4 wire system – up to 50 metres
  • Intelligent capability
  • High resolution (8.3 million points per revolution)


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